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Food Blitz Overview

5 May 2016
Food Blitz

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved with our Food Blitz collection. All of the new logistics involved in this new format went perfectly and the enthusiasm of all the volunteers was absolutely amazing. We in fact had more volunteers than we anticipated which shows how engaged this community is. It was also a perfect day weather wise and that really added to the ease in executing this drive.
Unfortunately, the outcome wasn’t anywhere near what we were hoping for. The fact that it was such a beautiful day and payday for most folks was on the Friday, most people did their grocery shopping on Friday. In fact some store managers told us it was insanely busy and the best Friday they had seen in a while.
Sadly, we weren’t there to benefit from all that traffic which means the amount collected only totalled up to 22,200 lbs of food. Every year our target number is 100,000 lbs. and in the last few years we have only reached about 75,000 lbs. but that still goes a long way to get us through the summer months.
We knew going into this new format of an “At-Store” collection would take some getting used to, but the only hitch we ran into was that we missed what we thought would be a busy shopping day.
We will more than likely have to put together some kind of food drive over the summer months to try and offset this loss. It is too bad that our timing was off in reaching out to folks, but if people would still like to help us they can make donations of food to most grocery stores in our collection boxes. Alternatively, financial contributions can be made directly on this website. Any amount of funds would be appreciated so that we can buy the foods we need when we need them, and purchase them at preferred bulk pricing.
To everyone who volunteered their time on Saturday, thank you so much. Your efforts were so important and deeply appreciated.
Sandy Singers
Executive Director
Partners in Mission Food Bank